Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Challenge to the Dreamer

Many people feel that creativity and innovation are interchangeable terms. However, there lies a subtle difference between them that tells a story of how we can all improve our lives.

Creativity is a skill that very few possess on a day to day basis but it is a skill that each of us has been in touch with throughout some stage of our lives. We will sit and dream and come up with a fantastic idea. An idea we feel will transform the world. Those with incredible creativity will consistently come up with new and improved ideas. These ideas are often the beginnings of world changing concepts and when we hear how people came up with them we are often surprised at the ease with which the connections flowed. Creativity is definitely a necessary and valued characteristic for our world to see constant improvement. Creativity is the concept of thinking up brilliant ideas.

Innovation is the action of creativity. It is the motion of putting the creative idea in place and making it come to reality. Innovators will dream but they will also move through a plan to see their dream come to life. Innovation is bigger than creativity. Creativity is seen as only a part of a bigger process.

In an organization creative people and innovative people are necessary but an innovator is far more valuable because they can do both practical activities, like putting together a plan, and vision activities, like coming up with a brand new idea that will move people forward.

In your organization strive to be called an Innovator. This is highest form of flattery one can be known for as it shows that you have grown from dreamer to someone with a plan to make your dreams a reality.

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