Monday, July 14, 2008


Is the most necessary component of personal growth and development. To force people to grow, you must consistently be on them. To be a great leader, you must learn to challenge yourself and those around you to ensure that together you achieve more at every opportunity. Leaders "go get" and make things happen for themselves, they do not sit back and let things happen that they have no control over, in other words, leaders dictate their life path.

There are 3 great ways that leaders can motivate people. These are fear, greed and trust. When you propose a challenge to someone and want a positive reaction, a word of advice is to make sure to utilize these 3 tactics. For example: If someone fears things like embarrassment or that they will miss out on the opportunity - they will be motivated to perform. If someone is driven by greed and always wanting more for themselves (whether recognition or monetary items) - they will be motivated to perform. Lastly, if you have spent the time to develop a trust-based relationship with someone through never letting them down, providing many examples of helping them succeed previously - they will be motivated to perform.

Challenge is the key to every single victory. Without a tangible goal, people lose focus and become stagnant. Such as the popular examples of spinning their wheels or treading water and not moving forward.

Some questions to ask yourself as a leader - Overall - Do I challenge myself on a consistent basis and share that with my team? Do I challenge my team on a consistent basis? - Daily - What did I challenge my teammate today with so that they can become better? Did I adhere to my plan and my challenges today?

The most important part of this entire process is when these challenges are accomplished and the victories are celebrated, shared and reflected upon, another challenge must be created immediately.

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