Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Future Obituary Column

Joshua Andras Allen, owner of ‘My Companies’ and creator of ‘My Creations’ died of natural causes at his family’s summer home. His grand children played in the apple trees next to him and a nearby freight-train rumbled past when he took his last breath while asleep during a break from his daily garden work.

Joshua Allen founded, directed and lead a multitude of companies within the progressive health and fitness industry around the world. Along with authoring books in the field he lectured and educated his research topics that span functional living in today’s society including Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Athletic Training Principles, Human Potential and Self Mastery. Making his mark was also evident in his creative endeavors. His artistic talents were reflected in his art and multimedia productions through the making of books, documentaries and websites showcasing genres of photography, videography and graphic design. Much of his work in the health and fitness stream touched into his art and can be seen in his photo and documentary collections. Most recognized is his acclaimed documentary ‘My Documentary’ that was created on the heels of his career at Innovative Fitness to which he owes much of his success.

Canadian born in London, Ontario on September 12, 1978 he was raised by his parents, Peter and Katalin Allen who taught him the values of hard work to make something of life and to give back to the world which has supported you. Early years were hard financially as his parents tried to find their place in careers while raising 3 children and completing graduate degrees at school. His parents always preached a successful attitude, encouraged him to be his best, and to learn as much as possible from musc to art to sports. Childhood learning outside of school was spent playing piano, hockey, basketball, swimming, and drawing.

During teenage years he realized his passion for both fitness and art. Music was left aside at age 16 while fitness and art became a greater focus. Graffiti art was a passion of his starting at age of 15 and he developed the skills quickly to be recognized at an early age as one of the best in Canada. Interest in health and fitness grew during these years and when he turned 17 he choose to study Health Sciences in University. Even though this made art more of a hobby, he still created much work. His first project in 2001 was the co-founding of, an international photo and video portal of art works. Later in 2007 he would write, direct and produce his first documentary video called ’Reefer Madness’. Studying Health Sciences led him to begin his career in health and fitness at the age of 20. When he turned 24 he joined Innovative Fitness where he eventualy went on to franchise 2 facilities both nationally and internationlly. During this time of business development he lead himself in many athletic adventures such as triathlons, marathons, hikes and cycling trips around the world. His biggest athletic achievements includes running 10 international Marathons and cycling across Canada & Europe. Not being one to only challenge himself, he empowered those around him to take on the same challenges as himself.
Much of his career work was done in the health and fitness stream. After the opening of his first Innovative Fitness in 2010 he took up writing and lecturing within the field of applied training principles, functional training for athletes and the sedentary. He always believed that with a client base never 100% injury free and only accessing coaches he needed to educate coaches at a higher level. This would ultmetely become another avenue that would make the Innovative Fitness empire even larger. In 2012 Joshua Allen married ’His Wife’ and during the next 5 years fathered 2 children, ’Boy’ and ’Girl’. He would later take his family overseas where he would open up a international Innovative Fitness franchise. Outside of running the buinesses he spent time creating various educational books on personal development, training technique, and photography books. Much of the photography seen in his books was taken during the years of travelling with Innovative and the destinations completed around the world with his teams. Though a difficult transition to take a family overseas he did always make time for them and put them first. This just meant longer harder days which he was definetely not new to. With 2 successful business up and running, in 2020 he began to spend more time on creating documentary films that both touched on subjects outside of the fitness stream and subjects that parelled the concepts of Innovative Fitness. He devloped many wildlife documentares and through this began the Allen Wildlife charity that would gain understanding of marine ecosystems and raise funds for their survival. At the age of 50 he took up a new challenge by opening a restaurant that had a purpose to bring family and friends together. There he had live music and catered an international quisine. In 2038, at the age of 60 he moved onto his farm property outside of the city where he could focus on raising granchildren and re-visiting painting by startng to paint canvases as a pasttme. He spent time visiting his family in other parts of the world.
Joshua Andras Allen is survived by his 2 children, his 7 Grandcildren, his younger brothers Tomi, David and sister Susanna. He was a ripe yet healthy age when he died.

Why Write an Obituary?
First of all, being my first blog on Swim Upstream I thought that this would be a good way to introduce myself to those who do not know me. The second and more important reason to why I wrote this obituary on myself was to allow myself to gain better clarity of what it is I want out of my life. With age 30 around the corner I had better have some idea of what I am going to get out of life before it passes me by. Time passes fast and we must all ceaze the day. Though some may call this process a kind of ’grim’ way of goalsetting I think it is a great way for picturing what it is you want the world to recognize you for. By taking the time in writing this I am now better able to gain some insight into what is important in my life and what values make up the core of who I am. Life is a game and I want to be a player!Thanks for reading.

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