Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Inversely Related

This weekend I was involved with our John Henry Bikes cycling team that participated in the very popular 335km Seattle to Portland ride. Beyond the ride and camaraderie, the time in the saddle allowed me some thinking.

A few of our team members named Jay and Erin Irwin, avid and passionate cyclists, treated us to their version of hospitality. They organized dinner reservations, accommodations with directions, and even laid on breakfast, which they had purchased out of their own pockct for 20 people, set up and had ready for a 4am meal.

Members of our team also all wore the same jersey. Each asking to purchase and be a part of the team and represent our shop.

Neither the two organizers or the group were looking for credit or a special favour. They were just doing what they felt was a good thing. In each of the examples there wasn't the slightest bit of greed or "you owe me one" mentality. It was just plain generosity.

These people aren't doing these sorts of things as an inducement for business or friendship. They just do it.

None of these people expect me to write a blog about them and nor would they want me to talk about them either. They just do what they do and it reaps rewards they would never expect.

Observation: The value of a generous gesture is inversely related to the expectations of that gesture.

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