Tuesday, July 22, 2008

youngin's - dowload this.

i always get a kick out of hearing 'this is how the young folks do it and you better learn it if you want to understand them'.

why? so i can lol with them? have 200 watered down relations? are they employing me? do they have something to teach me? did they fastrack my years of education and suddenly know more than me? do they think i subscribe to the 'it's all about me' mantra?

what more can we do to messenger, blackberry, text, pin, facebook, myspace, blog, forum, chat room, email, phone, sign, upload, skype, ring tone, rss feed the reality at some point over the course of their lives they will have to WORK HARD & SMART?

it's not to suggest i don't think their is value in understanding young people, in fact i think young people have infinitely more potential then they themselves are even aware - but the reality is they need to understand that success in life through relationships, jobs, education, athletics, pretty much anything lies squarely on the foundation of focusing on SMART HARD WORK and no matter how many way's to sunday we have tried / try / will try to circumnavigate the R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. It can't be done.

we make a profit from distracting young people with things they don't need. we bombard their sensors with 100 things at 1% instead of 2-3 things at 30-50% and around the world there are millions of people trying to figure it out.

intelligent young people understand this. they understand it because somewhere along the line of 0-19, they were taught by someone who didn't cave into the "you have a voice that needs to be listened to so you can share your perspective on the backdrop of nothingness" campaign we seem to be in the midst of.

ok... text you what, after you've put in your time then come blog to me and i will be more than happy to rrs feed you back, until then, you are likely to be recanting something you downloaded from someone else that appeals to you because it fire walls WORKING SMART & HARD.

and for all those 'majority' who say - you are off your rocker... you need us i have two letters for you. GM. That brilliance started the recession.

WE need each other. Society is an interdependent ecosystem dependent on 3 things for survival.


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