Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Not Just Money

The Olympics are the flavour of the month and as always the politics take centre stage.

As a Canadian it is disappointing to see our country so far from the podium when there should be a multitude of sports we can compete in. We are not just an ice and snow country. From our population to our terrain, we should be able to [and probably have been able to] produce top class athletes. But as yet we haven't had any finish.

So the radio shows and the papers explode with the most obvious reason we are not on par with our southern brothers and sisters, let alone countries that most of us have difficulty spelling. They say we don't spend enough money on our athletes. There just is not enough resources for these people to succeed.

That is just one problem.

Our problems lay deeper than just plain money. We have issues of infrastructure. Our schools don't mandate athletics or moving in general. Our households are stagnant. Watching or playing sports with your children is not something that it cultural. We accept being in the game versus winning the game and this has an effect on our psyche , our business capacity and ultimately every aspect of our culture.

Money is not the only problem. As individuals we are to blame, if indeed we care at all, for the failings of our country. Note, our country and not our athletes.

This does not make us a bad country and it doesn't necessarily mean our citizens are bad people but we must ultimately live with the reality we have created and live within. Our culture does not promote sports so what do we really expect.

If you want to help Canada succeed in the future then start at home. Make sport a part of growing great human beings. Make that movement a daily ritual. Instill the value of sport, which is participating, trying your best, competing to be better, camaraderie and sportsmanship. A nation can be built stronger by these values alone and that, my friends, costs financially very little, but is an important attribute our country is lacking.

We don't lack only money, we lack the belief and the accountability to say each one of us can make a difference in owning the podium.

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