Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Reflection

The Olympics are over and the athletes are home. Lives have been changed and the Chinese have much to be proud of. And while the articles will stream in over the next little while very little will demand more attention than the actual events did.

Years and years of work all completed. From organizers to the athletes. Now it is merely four more years until another chance for glory or redemption.

For most of the winners, be they a volunteer, an organizer or the athlete, there was nary a day they could take off for the last four years. A bad day was not something they wanted on their Olympic morning. They tried every little thing to make sure every angle was covered and each possible problem dealt with. There were no sleep ins, no days taken off, and few moments to breath. To reach lofty heights the world offers very little flexibility. You have to pay to play so to speak.

As spectators we watch in awe as the dramatic moments of the athletes unfold in front of our very eyes. We want to see their successes and dream of being in their position. What we are seeing is the reflections of at least four years of work. They work every day and take every play seriously.

When you look in the mirror, that is exactly what you see. A reflection of what you have done to get where you are.

Do you like the colour of your medal?

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