Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Right Way to Leave

"The way you leave a company says as much about your character and the kind of employee you are than all the work you did during your time with the organization." - Unknown

The goal is to leave with class and integrity. 

Here's some tips or advice to follow that I have either heard, read or been passed on from managers/co-workers/friends:

- provide ample notice. The sooner you can alert your employer the better
- don't burn any bridges
- don't mentally check out before your last day
- help to identify and train your successor.  Do whatever you can to make your successor a winner.
- Show class on your way out.
- Sustaining relationships
- Thank your staff/customers for the invaluable experience gained in working with them
- thank your employers for the opportunity to work and hone your skills both personally and professionally.
- display goodwill to your co-workers and show confidence that both they and yourself will continue to strive and succeed
- show that you have grown as an individual based on what you have learned from your company and are applying everything that you have learned .

Do not leave your company high and dry.  It is the Easy way out. There is a way to leave on a high note. Continue to work hard and be productive. Be remembered for your positive contributions to the company rather than being remembered for you lack of effort at the end.

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