Saturday, August 02, 2008

Risk for REWARD

We have all either said or heard someone say "Risk for Reward" at one point in time or another. The about this phrase is that when you think about it, very few people have the courage to do this in life. Some of the main reasons being that people in general are afraid of facing change and uncertainty. This can range from relationships, finances, fitness goals, and the list goes on and on.

It's easy to see the difficulties in playing the game of "Risk for Reward" as many of us probably have scenarios that we choose to remain in because of being fearful of the result, leaving something that you're content with, being judged by others is just a short list of examples.

Being in the fitness industry, we are constantly pushing people outside of their comfort zone in order to help them achieve all of the their health and fitness goals.

There are often times when people are hesitant of setting high expectations/goals. The risk being the chance of not reaching these goals and failing so to speak. The Rewards potentially being endless (sense of achievement, weight loss, experiencing new things, body composition changes, etc, etc..)

This brings me to Destination Fitness. Taking on challenges like that of adventure races, Triathlons, Running events (10km, 1/2 Marathon, full marathon), and hiking Grand Canyon are exactly the type of Risks that everyone should try and include in their life.

In order to reach rewards there will be times where you will have to take a risk. This risk will be followed by training with a specific program, properly progressing, have a solid support system, and being held accountable.

What seemed to be daunting and unreachable has now been achieved and accomplished along with several other benefits of taking on that initial risk. The Risk for REWARDS can be massive

What are you willing to Risk?

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