Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Simple Words. Advanced Thinking

There was a young man who worked a typical desk job. It was the regular 9-5 job for 5 days each week. He always knew this career was not his true calling as he always wanted to start his own business. Despite this awareness he never complained nor was he a man who would ever become down for not having started his own business yet. It was not a bad situation as he was content with his work because it provided him with comfort and security. After work each day he would go home and read books about business and write down ideas. Every day he told himself; “I want to own my own business”.

Another similar story is about a man who wanted to win the lottery. He would research all the stats and strategies about how to win the lottery. There were times when he would attend seminars that inspired him so much that he would leave and buy 10 lottery tickets compared to the usual 1. Each week he would be buying lotto tickets. Wanting to win the lottery was the biggest thought on his mind all his life as he always wanted to win the lottery.

Both these people died without owning a business or winning the lottery. They got just what they wished for – wanting something in life.

There is a big difference between wanting something and doing something. If you move through life only wanting you will most likely not get it because it is just a ‘want’ without any tangible action behind it. If you move through life telling yourself that you can and will then you are more likely to make it happen because the ‘will’ leads us to the ‘way’. The power of the mind is beyond trying to explain but we must consider that our thoughts do in fact manifest our reality. Start with being conscious about how you speak to yourself - change your choice of words if you are ready to make something you want become real. By making these simple changes in word selection, our self dialogue becomes an advanced way of self empowerment that leads us to the results we always wanted. Tell yourself you can, you will and before you know it you will see how you are actually doing it.

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