Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do not tell us 'we can't' because 'we will'

This past weekend had myself and 19 others trekking through the BC forest on the West Coast Trail. If you have not read Josh’s blog from Monday, then do so for a great synopsis of the event. What he did not tell you was how many had doubted that we would complete it in our allotted time (from 1-3 days). From those here at home who laughed at us, to those we met along the trail. The group that wanted to do it in 1 day – now this one really was impossible – it can’t be done – not by you folks - you’re just average.. no super trail runner, no past experience running these types of distances, you don’t know what you’re doing – you can not do it! The trail orientation guides rolled their eyes at us, those we met on the trail thought we were joking and wished us a sarcastic good luck, and the local trail runners made bets on how far we’d get before giving up. Well guess what, we did it – all 20 of us – even the 5 ‘average’ folks that were attempting it in 1 day completed the entire 75km of muddy, rainy, cold, river crossing, sand running, bush whacking rainforest in 22 hours and 37 minutes.

Now we could have chosen to listen, and think ‘what if they’re right.. what if I fail, what if I don’t make it, what if I have to get someone to carry me out... what if, what if what if..’ .. well What If you could – what if you didn’t listen to those who told you that you couldn’t and at least attempted. Who’s going to be the better one in the end – the person who attempted and failed, or the person that did not try at all out of fear – fear from listening to all the others state ‘how hard it was, how it would be impossible.’ Well I’ve got news for those who doubt – anything worth celebrating is going to be fact the more impossibly hard it is, the sweeter the victory in the end. Do you think when we landed on the moon that those involved thought ‘wow, that was easy.’ No – because they had dedicated their entire lives to accomplishing this impossible goal – despite many who said it could not be done – it was tough, it was hard, but in the end it was achievable. What if they’d listened to those who said ‘nope, you can not land on the moon'

No one ever achieved anything great without taking a great risk first. Sure this is the west coast trail we’re talking about – but it could be related to anything in your life. We are constantly going to be doubted and told we cannot do it – DO NOT LISTEN! Instead listen to those that say ‘yes you can do it.’ There are very few that will tell you ‘yes you can.’ Don’t be one of the ones that tells others they can’t – start cheering on other’s impossible goals, and then start cheering on yourself by not listening to the ‘you can nots.’ At least attempt to make your moon landing – if you don’t make it all the way, you will still land among the stars – which is better than remaining on the ground out of fear in the first place.

We had 20 attempt this past weekend, and all 20 made a moon landing – and to those that thought we could not – take a number – this won’t be the first or last time you will doubt us and we’ll gladly continue to show you ‘Yes we will!’

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