Friday, September 05, 2008


“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Success in life is not measured by the speed at which we ascend; it is measured by what we have accumulated along the journey. Very few of us will enter our first job out of school making huge salaries and having an income that will allow us to live the financial lifestyle we think we deserve. Parallel to this thinking, very few of us will decide to change our personal lifestyle today and actually begin living that lifestyle tomorrow. Reality is the bearer of all truth, and reality dictates that our upward mobility through life will take time and test our patience.

For those of us who need immediate external rewards in order to achieve satisfaction, we are in for a long tough fight against ourselves. If we are able to understand the working order of the world around us, if we know that the only thing that will be handed to us is the ability to work harder and smarter than others, then and only then will we be able to endure and preserver calmly through the difficulties that life will surely throw at us.

In collecting large amounts of experience and wisdom through time and effort, we will enable ourselves to live our dreams. To become a life warrior we need to understand that what we see in life is not actually what is available to succeed. In success there is no commuter lane, there is no easy checkout, and there is no broadband. To measure success through speed and the least amount of resistance means that we are failing to measure the quality of what we do and instead focused on the quantity of what we create. While quantity does matter when it comes to results, we must be able to measure success on how we achieved that quantity not on how quickly we achieved it.

Learning patience means that we are willing to get in line and evaluate the order of that line. There will be people in front of us who don’t belong there, but our success will not come by cutting in front of them, our success will come by proving over time that we have been put in the wrong position. There are very few accidents in success because success is an indicator of hard work over time. Success comes from establishing a proven track record that is not based on what was done today, but based on what was done all of the days before today.

Despite our knowing that time will allow the cream to rise to the top, we look at what is in front of us and experience envy. We envy those above us who don’t put in the same amount of work, we envy others positions without the knowledge of what that position entails, we envy those who have the possessions we wish were ours, and then we blame circumstance and other uncontrollable scenarios for our perceived lack of forward movement.

If you have your sights set on something worthwhile, know that it will not come to you tomorrow. It might not even come to you next year, but with patience and focused effort, it will eventually come. Our ability to maintain focus for long stretches of time and our willingness to wait in line until it is time for the world to see what we have amassed will then allow us to achieve the success we have dreamed. Through calculated patience, we will show the powerful warrior who has earned every ounce of success that was rightfully earned.

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