Monday, September 15, 2008

Knowing how to do it right

This past weekend a group of us went down to watch the USC vs OSU football game. This game was touted as the #1 sporting event to watch in 2008 by Maxim Magazine and didn't disappoint its fans. Although the final score was a commanding win of 35-3 for USC, the game was very entertaining.

For those of you who have never experienced a US College football game live, I highly recommend planning to attend one. You will experience:

  • The electricity of watching 95,000 fans, dressed in their respective team's colors, cheering on every play and discussing game strategies all around you is indescribable.
  • Having everyone singing the national anthem while watching 4 fighter jets buzz over the stadium to kick the game off just gives you chills up and down your spine.
  • The hype and anticipation before the game by everyone mixing and mingling at the tailgate parties
  • Watching the band members (who covered the entire field) play their hearts out between quarters.
  • The massive amount of media coverage you see on tv's strategically placed all over the place.
  • The actual game itself - these kids are true superstar athletes and put on a show. The touchdowns, interceptions, big hits, huge runs and overall teamwork is amazing. It is comforting to see atheletes playing a sport they are so passionate about, not getting paid and have yet to be tainted by fame and money in the NFL.

I have to say the Americans have done college football right. It would be nice to see Canadian university sport in Canada get to that level one day.

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