Friday, September 19, 2008

Vision Quest

In some Native American cultures it is a rite of passage for a person in their early teenage years to journey alone into wilderness seeking personal growth and spiritual guidance. This vision quest is obtained through fasting, guidance of a tribal Medicine Man, and finding a place deemed special enough to “cry for a vision” while bringing nothing from society minus water. During this two to four day event, the subject is forced to look into their soul and find their purpose in life.

In today’s society we are all on a type of vision quest, we are all trying to look into our souls and find our purpose in life, yet we try to do it with the constant noise that surrounds us. By getting caught up in the surrounding noise (responsibility, expectations, perception, obligation, observation, etc.) we fail to allow ourselves to truly listen to what our souls are telling us. In doing so we become sidetracked with external clutter that litters our insides, preventing us from achieving what we feel we are here to accomplish.

Long after our teenage years have passed and we have finished what we believed we had to do, we allow ourselves to focus on us, wonder why we didn’t follow our passion, and are desperate to gain time lost. While entering the proverbial midlife crisis we go to extremes and once again fall out of our true purpose only to spend more time collecting noise and ignoring our soul.

If we allow ourselves to listen to what our insides tell us is right, if we allow ourselves to diminish the noise that surrounds us, and if we allow ourselves to pursue our passion based on what we want to do instead of what we believe we have to do, then we will finally become our best selves and live our lives accordingly. In order for our passions to be achieved we have to let go of the bindings (fear, regret, perceived responsibility, unhealthy attachments, etc.) that create our hindering noise. We don’t need a journey into the wilderness alone or a medicine man, we need the vision to be able to actually hear what we are telling ourselves and the personal security to actually carry out our calling. When we allow ourselves to become empowered, we can silence the noise we allow ourselves to hear and actually begin to live our life with our goals and objectives.

Our passions are within us and will be found when we allow ourselves to look for them. Our modern day vision quest is no different than what the Native Americans have been doing forever, we just don’t allow ourselves the time to actually understand who we are because we are too worried about becoming what others want us to be.

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