Saturday, September 27, 2008

want me to 'show you the money'?

The acclaimed catch phrase, once spoken by Tom Cruise to Cuba Gooding Jr. seemed to preempt a real life tidal wave of greed that swamped almost every institution from pro sports to wall street.

Ironically our complex democratic system of kings, serfs and peasants, disables the little guy to having relevant input (after they have voted their leader into power). And unlike the past we insist on re-living, there is no modern day Robin Hood who stops the greedy owner / CEO / leader from stealing our hard earned bag of coins.

Here are 5 things that can be done to ensure we are no longer duped by his highness. me the plan.
no offence, but I’ve heard a lot of people claim a lot of things - few deliver. Nothing happens without a well executed plan and we’re done standing passively by while you toss out grandiose ideas that don’t come to fruition. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail – so before I pay $325 for a ticket / parking & food because you paid a guy $200 million for 7 years – show me my roi. me the track record.

if you want me to invest with and in you show me your past victories and I mean beyond the mile wide inch deep campaign you run to get me to like you. I’ll take inch wide mile deep because I’m smart enough to know it’s impossible to be everything to everyone like you insist on promising. me the value

the value to me. I realize you are super excited about how great it’s going to be for you, your city and your star player – but I’m one of the people who fills the seats and supports the game. let’s get back to how your entertainment relies on a bunch of little guys believing & investing in you day in and day out. When we lose the value, you lose the ability to make millions. me the tangible results

they are black and white. You succeeded or failed. Don’t launch a thank you Yankee’s tribute for your facility. Launch a why do we keep paying players obscene amounts of money before they have performed when we know historically that usually leads to them under performing. Reality is, if you said today $1/2 million for every single player per season, you would still have players. Give them another 5 when they make the playoff’s and another 10 when they win the world series. How much harder do you think people would work? You would never pay me 25 million prior to bringing my wheat to market and I've been farming for 7 generations. If you did, i'd likely care less if it was top quality either (just being obvious here) me the accountability

and listen closely. if you are going to open you yap about being the best, team / city / country etc, back it up with some tangibles in the accountability. even better, if you fail – don’t run away into exile – step up and take responsibility. eg: during my term as your leader I have a) taken us into war, b) lied to you all as people, c) not paid attention to crisis that were brought to my attention early and d) let greed and mismanagement go unpunished. All of this has led to the worse term ever by a leader by any leader in history and for that… I am deeply sorry and promise I won’t ever try to lead again, because obviously… I’m not that good at it and here is the money back for failing.

so… show me the plan, track record, value, tangible results and accountability and then I’ll be more than willing to show you my money.

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