Sunday, September 21, 2008

a world without accountability is chaos.

there’s really not much sense in rehashing what’s been flogged like a bad #1 radio hit except to point out what happens when there’s no accountability or tangible repercussion to ignorant behavior.

recall naïve is making a mistake that we are truly unaware is a mistake, stupid is making the same naïve mistake twice & ignorant is deliberately setting out to make a stupid mistake. when there’s no repercussion to making ignorant mistakes, there’s little apprehension to the frequency of their roll out.

if we are looking for who to ultimately hold responsible, we need look no further than ourselves and ultimately our elected decision makers who have the ultimate control in intervening. the state of affairs in the US is a culmination of ignorant decision making by many, facilitated by what would appear to be leadership trying to bridge the gap between complete economic anarchy and a few remaining months in office with yet another short sighted bail out “plan”.

what’s worse is the lack of accountability is reflected by the tolerance barometer right across the spectrum from boundary-less children to ‘3 strikes and…’ to deliberate financial irresponsibility. I’m amazed at how little emphasis is put on bringing people to task in the name of learning wanton acts of ignorance… in the name of the dollar will not go unpunished.

if we step back, we can see how a few institutions ‘oversights’ almost collapsed WORLD MARKETS. read that again, an entire globe – affected by the ignorant GREED of a few, who now – because they have done so much harm are being bailed out instead of tarred and feathered.

perhaps the most unfortunate reality of all of this is the fact (very recent) history tells us that few are even paying attention and fewer still will be compelled to do anything about it even if we did.

me? my part? well, I’m starting now with my 7 & 8 year old by explaining (despite what they read and how they are now taught), there actually are repercussions for almost every decision they make – hence, they had better learn really quickly the difference between good and bad decisions.

further if I ever heard that my son took a 5k mortgage on a 2k income, sat in the front office and approved an obviously errand transaction or led a company or country into this deep of economic disaster... in the name of greed. I will kick his ass!

a world without accountability is a prelude to disaster. Funny, we seem to be well informed and driven to take action when other countries leadership sabotages it’s people... right, that's because we are led to do so by our leaders.

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