Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Story Is Important

He's never been a mayor, a govenor, or even a corporate executive. He's neither a high standing military player nor has he lead a powerful and large organization. He has never drafted any major piece of legislation or even served a full term in the Senate. Until today he has never even run a national campaign.

Add to this wonderful list of "never done its" the ominous "has" tried both marijuana and cocaine... and...his name in the post September 11th world has both Hussein and Obama in it!

Probably about 1,000,000 to 1 chance that in 2003 this man, Barack Hussein Obama, would be poised to lead the entire free world by taking the Presidency of the United States of America. You don't even need to be partisan to exclaim "incredible!!!"

Barack Obama, love him or hate him, has a few lessons to teach us all.
  1. Don't worry if you are qualified or not. 'Men are from Mars Women are from Venus' was written by former celibate monk John Gray, who then got married and consequently divorced. Good marketer but probably not what we call qualified. You can do whatever you want if you think you are qualified. See above for more research on subject.
  2. What you get from within you is more important that what people believe after they know they facts. Obama is a story teller. He tells his story and now people overlook the resume. He takes great strength from his experiences and that they can help America change. His experiences helping others...
  3. Obama tells everyone how he learns. He tells them about what he has done and not done. Most importantly he tells everyone who will listen, face to face, what he learns from all these experiences. He helps them through showing what he has done and how he has overcome.
In 2003 Obama wrote the first of his books, Dreams From My Father. It was ostensibly his story. It was about his challenges and his experiences.

In 2003 Obama wrote himself the best resume one could ever get. He wrote and probably learned why he could eventually stand on the precipice of leading the free world.

What could telling your story do for you?

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