Wednesday, October 01, 2008

How did you end up here?

Right now, today – how did you end up where you are? What if nothing was by chance and every moment of your life was carefully calculated to bring you exactly here – every choice and every cross road - right to this moment.

Choose the right path – the one that brings you personal happiness and satisfaction and you will receive nothing but abundance in return. But what is that path exactly and how do you know if you are on it? By paying attention to your world you have created, this can be determined. Are you happy, are you satisfied, do you enjoy your job, and are you able to give back, relax and have fun. Are you surrounded by positive people? Or are you pissing your life away in an ‘unhappy, hate my job and the world’ life. Who do you choose to surround yourself with - and why are you still subjecting yourself to be in this presence when it’s as easy as making a choice.

This all sounds fine, but there are many excuses as to why we choose to be in an existance of perpetual unsatisfaction. We all have these excuses - and for some reason, these excuses of why you are not living the life of your dreams, becomes a justification for you to, instead, waste your life? But, But.. no, there are not buts - it is a choice and that is all. Very simple and fundamental. We all choose how we live our lives; we make the choice every day when we wake up. What if every day you were to start doing the things most important to you, and to stop doing the things that you have been conditioned to do.

If you truly believed that every previous moment has brought you to this moment, what would you do differently? How and what would you change? How would you take control of your life so that in the years down the road you can be thankful for all the previous moments to bring you to where you are now (in the future). I, for one, would start working, acting, and behaving smarter. Taking advice and applying learned knowledge that has been passed down from those who have been there, done that. I would start putting my efforts towards activities that are meaningful and allowing forward progression - in every realm life, I would start living and stop dying.

This is all very related to something we’ve heard of many times before: Karma – a law that spells out very meticulously that everything has its implications; every thought, word, and deed has an effect. Everything, absolutely everything, we think, say, or do makes a difference. Wrap your mind around that thought. Karma implies conditioning and repetition. This is a liberating message because every moment we are presented with the possibility of changing the future. We change, and our future changes too. This is the truth. This is karma, and karma is basically the message being conveyed above: we are responsible; the lever of our own destiny remains in our hands.

So, where are you today? Exactly where you should be at this very moment.

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