Thursday, October 16, 2008

Newsflash: Idiocy is NOT cool

It turns out that common sense just isn't that common after all.

Amid a global economy on the brink of breakdown due to quantity and frequency of stupid decisions (excess lending, an uninformed and over-stimulated population, poor North American workplace productivity, not looking ahead to compete with the emerging world powers, etc), we see more and more examples of this as people are not clue-ing in.

Some people feel an economic recession that we linger on the verge of will not affect them. Some just can't relate. They're too young, too hip, too cool. Well then, let's look at an example of stupidity drawn from popular culture (it's not hard to find examples).

There is a Calgary radio station the last 2 weeks promoting a contest dubbed '2 strangers and a wedding'; with the tag line "nice to meet you... I do!". And yes, that about sums it up.

A 2005 report (The state of our unions 2005) cited that 63% of all Americans grew up with both parents, the lowest figures in the western world. With 3.6 divorces for every 1000 people (married or unmarried) in the US for the same year, can we afford to be cavalier with the notion of marriage? Does making a joke out of dysfunctional family and setting another one up as a media event sound like a good idea?

With an unemployment rate (as of Sep) of 6.1%, divorce rates high as they are, and our productivity and competitiveness amongst the world stage all slipping, it's time we wake up and realize things like this are not a joke. WE ARE if we keep engaging in such events, cheering them on, and volunteering for them.

Otherwise, I will puke if the groom and bride for such event end up divorced and jobless after spending their workdays on facebook and entering into marriage half-assed and then asking, "how did this happen?". Don't kid yourselves, people all around you are repeating the same stupid mistakes day in and day out and asking how they ended up in a negative situation... it's that prevalent, and that important that we take notice.

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