Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Purpose followed by Process

Websites and blogs get added to the web-o-sphere at such an alarming rate that the world wide web is becoming harder, and not easier - like it professes, to find what you want. Thankfully companies like Google exist to make our jobs easier. Yet no matter what they do to continue making finding a needle in the haystack easier, their job is extremely challenging.

Google desperately wants you to find what you are looking for and they work increasingly harder to refine your search so that you are successful. Search words, intuitive search boxes that try to think for you, tool bars within your web browser and email accounts that gather information from you to help make their searches better and better.

Results make you go back to Google. Without each and every one of us getting what WE want Google is next to useless. We need to see a result. That is why Google exists and why it continues to thrive.

They remain focused on what they want YOU to achieve. So the questions is:
Does your business know what your customer wants?

What Is the Purpose?
Google is the perfect web example of having a singular purpose. They want YOU to find a result. To get you there they use a simple process that is people friendly. Their website doesn't flash and tell stories. It doesn't have pictures [although you can get them if you want], there aren't options cluttering up their web page [although they have a few different sections you can choose from in the top corner], and they have kept the same look and feel since the day they started. In our minds Google is the wonder search engine that helps us research and find the answer. In reality Google is just a little white box within a big white screen.

Confusion Is A Result You Don't Want
The rest of us look to make our website flashier, more interactive, give our customers more choices and they respond by leaving our websites faster because they are confused. Google has the most choices in the world but they help our simple minds through a process so we find out what we want...exactly. Do your customers find their exact answers within your business portals [brick & mortar or web based]?

Is It Easy To Walk Down the Aisle With Your Company?
The two things you can work on within your business are deciding what the purpose of your business is, or what your customer should be accomplishing, and then the process that best allows them to accomplish this. Read that line again. Allows them should stand out...the purpose and process are about them.

Purpose lets you simplify your overall objectives and process allows you to decide if your customers are succeeding or not. If they can't follow along then they leave and you can see where that is happening.

Find out what your purpose is and then work out the exact sales or delivery process so your customer is thrilled to come back again and again.

Copy the Giant
Be like Google. Deliver to your customers what you said you would do and then relentlessly try to make it easier and easier for them to accomplish their goals.

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