Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Put The Ball In Play

Every Monday night hundreds of thousands of armchair football coaches settle into their Lazy Boys for the game of the week.

At the same time each week equal numbers of baseball, soccer, basketball and hockey fans do likewise. Every four years in both Canada and the United States millions of people do likewise with the elections of their country.

They get comfortable, make incredulous remarks towards others, have bizarre opinions and absolutely know exactly what the players, coaches and politicians should be doing.

Thousands of people KNOW what they want done but very few DO enough to see it happen. We are nations full of spectators, hoping our dreams come true.

Meanwhile, examples of those that take a chance and put themselves out there continue to exist as only pie in the sky dreams. Singers, movie stars, business owners, and creators come from normal people like us. The trick is getting out of the stands and getting in the game.

Team H2V, a bike team made of five normal guys, raced across Canada setting a Guinness Record and also raised just under $1,000,000 for Juvenile Diabetes. By saying they would ride across Canada they got off the couch and into the game setting. Just by being on the field other people were able to help them reach the stars. They left the stands.

Writing a book, sending your script to the movie studios, or going for the interview are things that get you in the game and put the ball in play. It doesn't take intervention from a higher power to be successful but, if it did nobody can help you if you are only thinking of doing something. You still need to make the leap and tackle the fear of failure. you still need to get into the game.

Put the ball in court and get going. Something out there is waiting to happen to you and without playing you will never know what.

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