Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Show Me the HUmility

Back in the 80's, as the world seemingly crumbled around the United States, Ronald Regan's right hand man [yes, George Bush Snr.] suggested that America could and possibly should become "a kinder, gentler nation."

Like a prophet, as so many leaders are [love them or hate them], it took 30 years for that statement to ring true. We have landed at the point where arrogance will no longer rule the day. The young people are now leading the old and wise. Humility will be the characteristic of our new world champions and it will be closely followed by simplicity. [And I don't mean "The Simple Life."]

Our young people are challenging the world to be better as their collective psyche yearns for peace, togetherness and connectivity, and everyone with equal opportunity. It has been built into them. While we have gone on about the negative side affects of "the watched over" generation, there is also a good side to their existence.

For every child that received a blue ribbon in school or was told they were perfect, there is now a collective cry amongst them for their countries and the world to be better and NICER. Seriously. However gallant or ignorant we may see them, they look to their leaders to actually do what they say. Hyperbole won't cut it anymore. Show me the nice, show me the real, show me the blue ribbon and I will be happy to live in your country, do business with you, or even promote you on my facebook page. Lye to me and we won't be friends. Charity is more important than profits. Green is more important than ideas and everyone that does come out with something new is celebrated. Again, good and bad.

Don't kid yourself. It was not the elder generation that has brought the economy crumbling. It was a collective youth psyche that said we aren't going to stand for it anymore. Take your stock exchange and shove it. We don't care. We are fine if we stick together. Show me the humility.

Look at your business. Look at your life. Look at what you have collected and then ask yourself if you are moving with the times. Material goods or just being good. Which is it for you?

For every ying there is a yang. Our young generation has a tremendous amount to offer starting with creating a "kinder, gentler nation".

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