Thursday, October 02, 2008

Time to put my money where my mouth is

This photo signifies the official end of the luxurious time when I had a choice to be a leader or not to be a leader. I prided myself on more often than not making the former choice. Yesterday at 5:50pm MST, my wife Maria and I welcomed into the world the primary reason that leadership is no longer 'an option'. We prefer to call that reason Chase Peake, whose middle name will eithe rbe after his Uncle Scott (my brother) or Grandpa Sawyer.

Chase is 6 pounds, 1 ounce, and is already making mom & dad proud... he came into the world a little aerlier than we'd anticipated after mom had to have an emergency apendectomy and emergency cesarian section in 1 operation. Looks like together, mom and baby are making dad look like a wimp. Time to come up with a crazy destination for myself (over and above fatherhood!)

After spending even the 45 minutes with my little buddy, I realize even more that the world owes the good parents out there a big shout out. Going to keep this blog super positive, so I'll wait for another time to rant about parents that don't put in the time or effort.

Peace all, hopefully in 20 some-odd years, Chase can be sending you some uplifting thoughts!

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