Monday, November 17, 2008

Be a better leader.

In the continual advancement to become better leaders we know to be effective one needs vision, energy, authority and strategic direction. That goes without saying. But we need to ensure that we are consistent with working on these areas while becoming more inspirational leaders by sharing these other qualities:

The ability to show weakness.
  • By exposing some vulnerability, we can show our teams a sense of realism and that we have faults that are being worked on and that we didn't get to this position without any bumps in the road.

The ability to utilize intuition to effectively time what and when our actions will be.

  • We need to be able to constantly gathering data and information about everything that can relate to our business so we know when and how to act.

The ability to manage our employees with tough empathy.

  • If we strive to be inspirational leaders, we need to empathize passionately and realistically with people and really care about what our employees do.

The ability to reveal our differences.

  • What makes people drawn to others is their ability to lead by the qualities that make them unique.

Leaders have to continue to find ways to say the same message over and over again. By utilizing these methods on top of having the ability to come up with different ways to deliver these messages to get the same points across is what will make our leadership effective.

You can't do anything in business without followers and followers in these "empowered times" are hard to find. We better know what it takes to lead effectively because we need to continually find ways to engage our teams to commit to our vision.

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