Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Life Answers Back

A father took his son on a camping hike into the mountains high above the town they lived in. They walked along yet occasionally the son would trip on the rocks and fall to the ground. It was towards the end of the hike and they were nearing their camping site when the son was becoming increasingly fatigued and the falls more often. Almost there, the son fell down a small embankment and yelled “Aaahhhhhh!!!” To the boy’s surprise, he heard a voice repeated from the hills: “Aaahhhhhh!!!” The father helped him up and encouraged him to continue. The son frustrated by all the times he fell yelled out “you are a weakling!!!” Sure enough the hills surrounding the father and son yelled back: “you are a weakling!!!”

The son took notice of what he heard back each time he yelled and asked his father what that sound was. The father said: “Son, pay attention.” The father then yelled out: “You are strong!!!” and the hills answered by saying: “You are strong!!! The son was surprised and did not understand. The father went on to explain: “What you hear is called and echo, but really it is life. And like an echo, life will give back everything you say or do.”

The lives we life are simply reflections of our own actions and words. Whatever you want in life begins with you. If you want more love in this world then create more love in your heart. If you want more competence from your team then improve your own competence. It applies to everything in all aspects of life. Life will give back to you everything you give to it and this is inclusive of your thoughts, choices, words and actions. Your life is not a coincidence. It is a reflection of you!

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