Thursday, November 06, 2008

There is hope for change

Amidst a credit crisis and potential economic recession, increasing gun violence in major Canadian cities, war abroad and some negative news that we can't seem to avoid these days...

We have the first African-American President-elect in US history. More important, we have a US population that a) chose that and b) chose the right man for the job

We have the greatest intentional consideration of the environment the modern world has known. It may be that it's on the heels of the greatest disregard fro our planet; and that it's not enough, but we are reversing the trend. Progress has made it's way from concerned 'radicals' (as they seemed at the time) to governmental policy. The up and coming generation is leading the charge on protecting our most valuable resource for the future and they're just getting started

The world has become so inter-connected that developed nations (who have the largest impact on our planet's resources) are being forced to learn the impact of their actions collectively and whether they are financial, environmental, or philanthropic; we are seeing those actions being more carefully measured and the intent is to do good.

In short, our naivete as a people is being forced to dwindle, and our leaders are being charged with resolvement of real issues (economy, environment, crime) rather than being allowed to spin-doctor a failed campaign. That is, we are calling a debacle a debacle in the case of George W rather than by any other name. The platform is there for Barack to succeed or fail but it is more transparent to the people which is what we are asking our leaders.

Amidst some scary times, history has tried to teach us we don't have it so bad. Not only are we in charge of our own destiny... we are seeing the iceberg coming before we board the Titanic; if we choose to broaden our perspective.

There is trouble in the world...
but there is also hope and that lies in all of us.

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