Friday, November 14, 2008


A virus is a non-independent living organism that has a corrupting or poisonous effect. On a daily basis we are unknowingly surrounded by viruses just waiting to find a host cell to attach to so they can spread their poison. In most cases, the virus cannot find a host cell, or are met by our immune system which does not allow the virus to attach and we go on about our daily lives unaffected.

There are however viruses that we allow into our lives, in fact we welcome them in by not rejecting them once they are noticed. While we would never willingly sit in a cramped office space with a group of people who have the flu, we do willingly put ourselves in positions where we listen to, acknowledge, give merit to, and follow people who expose us to their virus of negativity every day. In doing so, we let their virus of negativity become our virus of negativity, and therefore become infected.

To truly understand this, we must understand how a virus works. Initially, a virus is absorbed so that it can gain entry into its desired target. Once granted entry, a virus replicates itself so that it has strength in numbers and is allowed to assemble. Ultimately the virus is working towards its release where it can do the damage it was designed to do.

In real life we give merit to those who wish to share their negativity with us by listening without rebuttal to the point where their negativity is absorbed in us. We then make the mistake of processing their negativity and grant it entry into our subconscious. The more we think about someone else’s negativity the more we gain ownership over it and allow it to replicate in our own mind to the point where it becomes real. In allowing negativity to assemble we grant it access to our whole self through the act of releasing and ruining our moment, day, week, etc.

Exactly like the common cold, we begin to spew our negativity onto others so that they too can become infected with the virus we allowed ourselves to acquire.

When searching for empowerment we need to understand our role in disempowerment. When we allow others to have a negative effect on us, we give our power away and become the victim every virus is looking to infect. By deciding to listen to negativity or by trying to “fix” the negativity of others we in choice expose ourselves to becoming negative.

A virus does not have to own a negative connotation. If we choose to surround ourselves with the kind of people that we wish to become, their positive virus can become ours. Their motivation can become our motivation and their power can lead us to empowerment. All we have to do is to decide what people we allow to affect us and how we allow their effect to manifest in us.

Individually we have the power to allow our brain to either be a sponge or a filter. If we want to soak up information then we allow it to enter one ear, replicate, assemble, and then release into our body. If we want to filter out information we allow it to enter on ear and then exit the other before it has time to absorb. Ultimately we are the ones who have to own the information we let absorb, enter, replicate, assemble, and release so that we have control over our mental, physical, and emotional health. Our empowerment is dependant on our ability to knowingly surround ourselves with viruses that will enhance our being, not unknowingly debilitate our souls.

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