Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Your Scoreboard Measure?

We've all heard "life is a journey, not a destination". Personally, I believe this to be true. We don't know where the journey will end, everything it will entail, or the turns it will take. We don't even know if we are on the right journey at times.

If life were a destination, we could easily define our success with a set of metrics like - did you get there, when did you get there, did you get there ahead of schedule or behind, etc. We could easily measure the success of our destination, our life - on a scoreboard if you will.

Because life is not a destination, and because we still are searching for something- be it meaning, belonging, a personal legacy, whatever - we still need a scoreboard. This is hard for a lot of people.

Some people put "1 million dollars" on their scoreboard yet feel empty upon attaining their goal, as they realize what they really wanted was to be part of a happy family

Others place their kids achievements on the scoreboard, yet have no metrics of their own, and they risk burnout, or that awful feeling of looking back and wondering where the last 30 years went and what became of their dreams for themselves.

Yet there are some who have small scoreboards with 1 - 2 numbers that are BANG ON for them: maybe going on 1 family trip a year, seeing a Yankees game in person, and staying married happily to the same person for 50 years is the ultimate scoreboard for some.

For others, they may have very detailed scoreboards for their personal, family, business, social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional elements to their life.

There is no right or wrong way to go about a scoreboard- as long as the numbers/ targets/ goals represent what is truly important to you and representative of what you want to achieve and be in your lifetime.

So - what does your scoreboard measure? Are there any points up there? Better get at it, because we all have to be aware that on all of our scoreboards... the clock has already started and the game is ON.

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