Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yes - change IS tough

Change is not easy – if it were, we’d be constantly changing ourselves all the time – we would live in a utopian society because we’d all turn onto the wrong path, quickly realize the ramifications of this, and turn around and head back in the right direction. It’s often easier to continue doing what you are doing, rather than challenging yourself to become a better person by changing the bad habit – an abusive relationship, a drug addiction, bad eating habits, lack of physical activity, shopaholic, workaholic, alcoholic - whatever your personal demon may be.

People often ‘choose’ not to change due to fear – fear of being pushed outside their comfort zone, fear of success, fear of finding solace and peace. Change is scary – it requires you to realize there is a problem in the first place that needs addressing, and then digging deeper to figure out why you have that problem– often not an easy process because many don’t like opening the doors to their past. Change takes time and patience – it does not happen overnight. And most likely, on your path to change, you will come across many setbacks and ‘fall down.’ This is inevitable and the sooner you come to accept and realize that, the faster you will get back up and keep pushing forward. Rather than thinking ‘see I can’t do it, what’s the point in trying’ realize that ultimately, the important part is the ability and know-how to actually get back up and say ‘tomorrow will be a better day’

Yes, Change is tough, very tough – there’s a reason so few actually succeed at change - but that’s what makes it worth it. Because those that refuse to remain complacent and do something rather than accepting their carousel existence of continual patterns of self destruction are the ones that will get to their ‘promise land.’ So rather than whining and complaining about your awful life – change it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead say ‘Yes, I can.’ Believe it yourself first, and then make it happen. Know that it will never be simple – you will always have to work on not taking that wrong turn again. Make the choice for yourself, because that’s all it is – a choice to be better then yesterday, and start taking the steps to get there – they don’t have to be large steps, just as long as they are forward steps. Don’t wait for tomorrow, next month, or next year – do it now! It does not get simpler as time goes on, and eventually you’ll realize you wasted many days, months, and years of your life by allowing your fears to control you.

Change requires YOU to be tough, to be resilient, to refuse to be a victim and come up with excuses as to why not. But it IS possible, and the biggest mistake you could make is truly believing that this is what and who you’re supposed to be – because you’re not! We all deserve happiness and personal satisfaction – but you don’t deserve it until you decide you’re worth it and take the difficult and necessary steps to get there. So unless you can look at yourself in the mirror and honestly say you are 110% happy with who you are and how your life has turned out – change ... today!

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