Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Your Power is Unimaginable

Hopefully today will provide enough food for thought to prevent you from doing what doesn't make you happy. On the heels of a great self- checklist yesterday by Justine as to whether or not we are charting our own course... today we are examing what can come of that course?

Before we uncover the awesome power of one- let's examine the potentially nil power of millions. How can 1 person have infinately greater impact than millions? Easy. Think of the last time you drove to work in a hurry while in a bad mood. Think about that situation clearly. Did you speak to anyone? If so it was probably to complain. Did you look anyone in the eye and smile or stare blindly at the mess of cars ahead? Did you remember gaining anything from that drive or do you just remember the anger it instilled? This is the rat race; or what we are capable of when we are focused on the wrong things (or not focused on anything at all).

If we don't focus on anything it is very difficult to acheive anything. If we focus on the wrong things (like our anger or things we cannot control) we end up acheiving things we don't intend. We might say we want to help others, but walking into work pissed off and complaining about the markets - impacts others to do the same. We lose all power towards the end we want to acheive and have an unwanted power towards exactly the opposite end.

If - however, we were to maintain as much as possible a positive attitude
If - we were to be passionate about our chosen direction and work hard towards it
If - we were to mentor others to this cause and pay our mentors forward by mentoring others

Then there is no way of calculating the good, the momentum, the positive change - that we are directly responsible for leading. Think about a coach who inspires a team of twenty to be better students, athletes, and people - 2 or 3 of which are inspired enought to volunteer or coach themselves... the positive spiral and trickle down effect of that giving may go on for decades or even hundreds of years.

YOU could be the initiator of positive things to come for hundreds of years. Or we could all just focus on 'me' and see where we all - individually end up. But never use the "I'm just 1 person excuse" - you can be a world changer.

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