Monday, December 29, 2008

The Charade

The charade we call life – there are acts and scenes. There’s a script to be followed – do this, say that, act like this here and like that in this part... etc etc.. We willingly play the parts, go through the motions, and give a stellar performances.. in fact, they are worthy of standing ovations. But it’s not you though, it’s not your life, it’s not YOUR script – it’s the script you think you should be following, that someone else wrote for you. The one that allows you to close the curtains when the play is over. To stand behind the stage in darkness and be content that you gave another great performance. Tomorrow will be a new crowd, another audience to deceive but you’re a pro now and you have them all fooled.

Then one day, if you’re lucky, someone refuses to close the curtains for the night, to not give you the script for your next lines. Maybe they will tell you to create a new play. One from your heart – one that is you.. It’s the 3rd act and they don’t buy your ‘act’ anymore.. it’s obviously fake, it’s obviously just a show – they questions ‘why don’t you stop with the charade?’

If you are lucky you have a person in your life who’s taken a closer look, who asked twice when you said you were fine, who pushed and pushed until you finally admitted that this is not you. You are taking part in the whole charade, even an enthusiastic participant. And now they’ve given you a glimpse of the other side when that curtain was kept open.. even if just for a fleeting moment, and you want more of it. You want to live, you want to laugh (really laugh), enjoy music, dance, go after your own dreams and aspirations. When you were younger you imagined that you’d be incredible, but then you started making boundaries you'd never dream to cross, and the day the curtain refuses to close down on you, you wake completely lost. You’ve taken a look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. ‘who is this person, what am I passionate about, why do I continue the same carousal of non-existence.. I want to start LIVING..’

Are you living or dying?
Have you dined with the devil – and walked away, or are you still on the main course?
Have you drawn the line and refuse to let others cross it?
Have you built walls around you that are impossible to break?
Are you simply going through the motions?
Do you look the other way?
Do you walk around with everything buried deep and keep the perfect smile?
Who are you?

Have you dared to take a hard look in the mirror lately? Or are you afraid of what you might see? Are you content to continue the play. Who and what is holding you back and why do you allow it to be a ‘reason’?

You can BE and DO anything you want – it’s YOUR life and YOU are in control - only you. You have the ability to create your own happiness, to make your own aspirations and dreams come true.. or the ability to dig your own hole, to wallow in your reality.

Live ... or die. Stop simply going through the motions because it is easy. That is the closest thing to dying and the farthest thing from living. We only get one chance. There are no rewind buttons, 2nd chances, rehearsals. This is it - do not waste it. Because the day the curtain stays open for you, it might be too late – the final scene may be coming up too quickly, and then you will regret not taking your turn to live your life.

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