Thursday, December 04, 2008

Everyone Has Something to Give

Fact: There are lots of people who have more money and things than you do
Fact: There are lots of other people (who may get less of your attention or focus) that have a lot less than you do
Fact: There are also people that need more, and those that need less than you.

If we add the facts up- you probably need to spend some of your money and a lot of your time and energy on the home front finding solutions to your own and your families challenges, and creating opportunities for both as well.

There is also a LOT that you can bring to the table in terms of helping others and giving back to the community you live in, and a lot of ways that you can accomplish this. Giving back has been on my brain for the past few weeks since our big charitable event is tonight wherein through our company and customers who believe in our corporate culture, we hope to exceed $21,400 for a charity focused on getting kids off of the mean streets of Guadalajara and back into school (this dollar amount buys them a school bus, a teacher for 1 year, and fresh food delivered to 1 family for a year).

It's truly a great story because while there are financially successful customers donating their money, there are employees within our organization giving of their time and administrative skills (ie collecting payment), others organizing, and others still putting their time, effort, and in this case- sweat - towards a great cause.

So then from this example we can give;
- time
- money
- effort
- skill set (organization, social network accessibility, people skills, a loud voice, etc)
- awareness to a cause

There are many other ways to give as well. Sometimes simply listening to someone and helping them gain better perspective over their situation is a gift (the old proverb "I felt bad because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet"). When some one's perspective changes, they can pay forward the gift of perspective to someone else, or they may realize themselves they have more to give.

There are lots of opportunities out there - in fact - there is a lot of need.

There is also 1 more gift to give others this day- the gift of democracy. If you oppose the coalition government that is being proposed- and you would like to see the Canadian Government follow democratic process instead of having 3 political parties (including the Quebec- specific bloc Quebecois) team up to run our country, please let your MP know and/ or the Governor general know. The Governor general can be reached at

Thanks for the gift of your time to read this.

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