Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last December we reflected on 07 took a hard look at what was coming in 08. The outlook had less to do with pessimism as it did with a call to action (below)

This year we don't have the same 'choice' in terms of a call to action. It's now called 'survival of the fittest'. Again, this isn't pessimism - it's realism. A realism that will demonstrate how the world (despite almost all of it's efforts to promote otherwise) is a delicate ecosystem of interdependence.

Now everyone's got an opinion on what's to come, some good and some bad and there are equally as many stats to back up each report. I draw my 2 cents from common sense to know;

1. a predominantly credit funded consuming nation is going to run into trouble when that credit freezes.

2. creating & freeing fictional credit so that nation and it's people can simply continue spending is not a solution

3. inflating costs associated with production will not stimulate consumption needed to restore the buy/sell balance

4. thing's will get worse before they get better because you can't manipulate tangibles indefinitely.

The good news for all of us are the two words guaranteed to clean this 'oversight' up....


.....And it's about time we got back to it!
Don't let 09 follow the same fate as 08. THINK / PLAN & ACT!

Monday, December 31, 2007
We must do better,
As we approach the beginning of 2008 we must assure ourselves we will do a better job at making 2008 a meaningful year.

Lets call a spade a spade – we dropped the ball in 2007.
1. Our national leadership lied about blatant state of affairs. A) Kyoto accord, B) Weapons of mass destruction, C) our own back yards bottom lines

2. Our media leadership collectively showcased the worst group of role models in years. A) Hollywood train wrecks, B) disgraced athletes & C) corrupt CEO’s.

3. We, ourselves to a great degree went along with this, accepting the fate and news as if it were an essential daily vitamin.

If we come to terms with this as our reality, as well as how & what we can do to do “our part” in preventing a repeat performance, we can assure ourselves of a better 08.

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