Thursday, December 18, 2008

Surrender in a good way

Quitting is a bad thing unless we are talking about smoking and other bad habits.
Surrender, in a lot of connotations, sounds like quitting and so most poeple resist it.
In at least one context, surrender is a great thing.

According to Michelle Aguilar, who nearly quit TV's "the Biggest Loser" mid-way through the most recent season - she "decided to surrender to the process and that's when the weight really started coming off". She ended up losing 110 pounds from her original 242lb frame to win the popular reality series.

According to Vince Danielsen, owner of the Innovative Health Group in Calgary, most employees who set high aspirations for themselves yet fall short as leaders, do so because despite their own skill they fail to surrender to the processes and systems that have been proven successful before them.

It takes a lot of humility, and a lot of confidence, to trust that other people may know more about certain subjects than we do. But if we can remove our egos, see where others have succeeded and realize that we are trying to emulate that success - (in Michelle's case losing 110 pounds and winning $250,000; in Vince's case 8 years in professional football and 11 years running a succesful business that now generates close to $2 million annually in sales) following advice and 'surrendering' to what that entails should actually be easy.

In most cases it is our pride - our inability to get over ourselves - that leads us to resist surrender.

When it comes to giving up on your goals, or saying no to yourself, or letting a bully win when you know you are right- surrender is NOT an option.

But when it comes to seeing success where, by your own skills and ideas you have as yet not succeeded - it may just be time to surrender to the process, trust other people, and learn and grow as a result of their tutelege and experience.

There are countless people around you that can teach you at least something, or who have experienced an obstacle you are trying to overcome. It might be time to let the guard down and allow your results to go up.


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