Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thinking Big Is Hard

The best thing in the world is planting a tree today under whose shade you will never stand.

It is also the hardest thing to do.

In today's busy, show me the money type of world, we are all infected, to some degree, with the disease of seeing an instant result. Planting a tree, or seeding an idea if you will, that will take years to come to fruition isn't a terribly results driven enterprise. We write the idea people off until a result can be shown. They are just dreamers.

Our every day lives showcase the necessity for the end result. Buy a stock and check it tomorrow. Write an essay for the mark but not the research. Playing hockey at six years old for the victory not the gaining of valuable life skills. Nobody really revels in the journey until they are reminded of how precious that journey is. This is just reality. We are all to some degree similar on this front.

This is why planting an idea can be so challenging. This is why the visionaries among us have so much difficulty getting people on board with their ideas to change the world. Without seeing a tangible result people have difficulty embracing merely the idea. We want to see the finish line.

To have people embrace your revolutionary ideas is a difficult task but not one that is insurmountable. Little steps with tangible goals allows others to join your tribe. Just know that the seeds you are planting will be the trees that others sit under for shade....

...long after you are gone. Your family will look up to the skies and tell you how it all finished.

Thinking big is hard but know the fight will be for your entire life. You can do it.

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