Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today is as good as any other day...

In two weeks' time - you are going to receive a message from swimupstream encouraging you to spend Christmas with loved ones, cherish what you had before opening any gifts, and to try to treat others with the same dignity and love every day as you do Christmas day.

In three week's time - you are going to receive a message from swimupstream that you may or may not be reading through foggy eyes from the night before advising you that 2009 is not going to unfold the way you want unless you make it happen.

Put another way, we are approaching that time of year where our priorities tend to align themselves simply because everyone else has the holidays as well. I can't remember 1 holiday season - not one- when I haven't heard the remark "we have got to get together more often; we can't wait so long between visits next time..." which, in many cases, is not followed up on.

Having said that- there is no calendar-denoted significance today (one with my particular tastes may point out to the birth of Motley Crue guitarist Nicki Sixx in 1958). That is, in 2 weeks if you are going to spend time enamoured with family and loved ones; and in three weeks if you are going to envision what you'll achieve in 2009 - by default...

what choices can you make today that spur you forward?
What decisions can be made to make Dec 11th a day of importance?
Will this be the day you plan 2009 instead of getting into the year already Jan 1 and then thinking about it?
What actions can you take to surround yourself with great people today - instead of missing some people who are already engaged with various Christmas functions and New Year's parties?

It really comes down to the danger of letting the calendar tell us which days are special. In Canada - most offices allow 8 stat holidays a year. If that's so- the onus is on you and I to come up with a reason to get out of bed the other 357 days. The purpose you have for doing things can and will be wildly different than your neighbours or co-workers, but it's got to be there and it has to be defined by you.

Go out there today and create some significance for this Dec 11th, and then get excited that whatever simple or profound measures you took to do so today... will also be at your disposal on another great day in history (though not indicated on the calendars) ... Dec 12th.

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