Friday, December 05, 2008


Water is the most powerful resource on our planet; in fact all forms of life are dependant on it. The one area of water that most intrigues me is the ocean, in part because of the recreational enjoyment I get from it, but also because of the sheer strength and vivacity it possess.

Ocean surface waves are particularly interesting to me because they alone are responsible for so much beauty and life. The result of wind, ocean surface waves can travel thousands of miles before they reach shore where they bring their magnificent destruction all the while feeding precious ecosystems.

There are four factors that influence the formation of waves; wind, fetch, duration, and depth. Wind is the source that initiates the action and turns flat water into a wave. Fetch is the distance of open water that the wind has blown over. Duration equals the amount of time the wind has blown over the area, and water depth is obviously how deep the water is when wind is initiated. Strong wind, large fetch, greater time, and deep water equal larger more powerful waves that create a greater influence on our coast line and feed more of our aquatic ecosystem.

When examined closely, waves are essentially our guide for creating success in our lives. Think metaphorically for a minute and you will begin to see the similarities between waves and our ability to succeed.

Wind acts as an antagonist to still water the same way an idea or goal acts upon us as individuals. When we go from a still state to being ruffled a little bit we begin to move in an unknown direction, yet we begin to move. The stronger the goal or idea, the stronger our movement becomes and the greater our will to achieve grows.

If we are fortunate enough to recognize the movement and act upon it we are given our fetch. This fetch consumes our whole body making our urge to act on a goal or idea felt internally through clarity and purpose.

Attaining fetch throughout our whole being allows us to create duration. The greater our will to achieve is, the longer we will be able to adhere to our goal or idea and we will be able to create the desire necessary to overcome obstacles that we most certainly will face. The duration of our pursuit will also give us time to make us stronger while our goals and ideas become clearer as our direction becomes not only relevant but empowering as well.

Depth is the final factor that comes into play, because it is the depth of our action that will create the greatest impact in our lives. Waves on a pond are far less impactful than waves from the ocean because of the differences in depth. To accomplish something truly significant we must always look to the depth of our mission, because to truly create the greatest impact possible we must be willing to go deep into ourselves and find the meaning of what we are trying to accomplish.

When all things in the ocean align perfectly you get what surfers call an “epic” wave, when we align ourselves perfectly towards our ideas or goals we get empowerment. Ultimately we are more like the ocean than you might think. The human body is 60% water, meaning you are one good gust away from turning your ripple into something epic.

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