Sunday, December 07, 2008

zigging & zagging to success.

To be successful we must learn how to zig and zag...and truly find a way to 

That is what life is about – if you want to achieve extraordinary things that is. We can all live day by day, hour by hour, and let our surroundings direct us...or we can turn the attention around & dictate our own future by making things happen. There is a difference...a BIG difference. It is the same difference that separates the initiator from the responder from the is the same difference the separates the doer & the follower...and it is the same difference that separates those that are good and those that are great.
  • ‘That difference’ is crucial in success and taking the lead in being the director of your future.
  • Nothing happens until WE make it happen. You MUST be the director of your destiny and your success will hinge directly on your ability to surround yourself the right people (in business / in life) & your ability to put in the time and effort. When we do these two things (and everyone can), you will reach the level of success you deserve. 
Mike Weir said - ‘if necessary one must be prepared to claw their success right out of the dirt’ - that says it all...success is not easy – greatness isn’t easy – leaving a legacy isn’t easy – but we can all do it.

So why the education?
  • Too many of us – want ‘x’ – but don’t know how to take the next step to actually get it (ie. position in a company, specific wage / salary, etc...the list goes on). 
  • We sometimes forget that if we fail the fight isn’t over. That most things won’t come the first time. That most things take time & numerous attempts to master. 
  • That we have to find different ways to make the opportunities happen.
When we fail, we try another way. 
When we get told ‘no’, we educate until we get ‘yes’. 
When we think we ‘can’t’, we find a way we ‘can’. 
  • Success stops – when WE stop. And that is the ticket. We have to be ready to put the time / effort / dedication / emotion to make things happen for us, instead of to us. 
  • And lastly...we can all just ‘wait & see’...but if you ask me, that is like standing around on a field of a contact sports game...f*&^& stupid – when we can do so much more. 
Then if we know this – WHY don’t people just do it.

  • some people are scared to fail – one reason really. No belief in themselves or in the systems 
  • some people throw up barriers as excuses for #1 so they don’t even have to start 
  • some people avoid things that are “inconvenient” eg. That’d be too much work. 
  • some people don’t want to make sacrifices eg. My “lifestyle” is what’s important to me. 
  • some people can’t make a plan, hence don’t know where to start 
  • some people can’t communicate well, so that plan #6, doesn’t get shared – hence supported. 
  • some people are not flexible enough to modify that plan when the time comes to do that. 
  • some people analyze that plan so long – it becomes a moot point because there’s no opportunity to apply it left. 
  • some people are too impatient to think & or see the ‘process’. They actually think in terms of “start & finish” 
  • some people are inherently lazy and expect Z while they give and F effort. 
instead they.....Talk.
  • some talk about what could happen 
  • some talk about what should happen happen 
  • some talk about what would happen 
  • some talk about why that didn’t happen 
because they.....Think it’s hard.

The reality is...few good & great things in life will come easy, be bundled in a neat little ‘easy’ package waiting for you to rip it open, and not require confidence / time / effort (risk) to make it happen.

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