Friday, January 02, 2009


With the coming of a new year brings the optimism that this is the year we will catch lightning in a bottle and completely change our lives. While reality dictates that we will fail in our attempt, we try, none the less, with noble optimism.

Lightning is a phenomenon that really isn’t understood how it exactly happens, but scientists have come up with a theory as to how lightning forms. Initially an electronic charge is formed within a cloud although it is unknown exactly how this happens. This electronic charge within a cloud is then divided into a negatively charged bottom and a positively charged upper area. The negatively charged bottom of the cloud is mainly the formation of ice, while the positively charged upper area is predominantly in the form of water. Somewhere within their separation and buildup, the electricity becomes strong enough to create an electrical discharge, or lightning.

Our ability to see a New Year’s resolution through to completion is somewhat of a phenomenon as well, considering most will not last even three months, so in comparing phenomenon to phenomenon hopefully we can gain some insight as to how we can achieve success.

Our physical and mental body is our cloud that will form the necessary electric charge to begin the process of creating a resolution. Our resolutions are formed from our understanding that we are not satisfied with where we are in life and we now recognize that we need to do something about it. For whatever reason we wait until late December to come to this realization, but that is beside the point. In our recognition to make changes in our lives we create the necessary motivation required to act on our thoughts, therefore creating electricity.

Through our resolutions we separate the negative aspects of our lives and form new positive ideas. This separation happens with the intent of suppressing our negative actions by elevating our positive actions. In essence we are freezing our negative actions, therefore immobilizing them, while moving our mobile actions above as our new primary response. Exactly like a lightning cloud, we separate liquid from solid and positive from negative in order to create energy.

Our hope is like that of a lightning cloud; that we will create enough energy to discharge our built up power and create something new and beautiful. Unfortunately for us our resolve is like that of a lightning cloud and after a few bursts of energy we slowly go back to our original form. It is our ability to create a sustainable amount of energy over a long period of time that will allow us to see enough lightning to eventually catch it in a bottle, therefore redefining ourselves and our reality in the process.

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