Thursday, January 29, 2009

"D" for Done!

New Team Average Jo Member - Vaudene Moulton

Here's a little story about Vaudene Moulton. She just joined Team Average Jo and is a person that started not knowing if she could run to not giving up when she ran into adversity. Now she celebrates many victories! You can do the same, The key here is just to give yourself a chance to start.

Well here it goes......

Not really athletic growing up...skied, tennis and that was pretty much it.  Never really challenged myself at all physically.  When I turned 40 I decided I had better do something somewhat remarkable. I had always wanted to do but never did. So I decided to get some formal English Riding lessons and learn how to ride a horse the 'proper way'. Loved it until 1yr or so later I got thrown and suffered a concussion. With two young children to care for I decided perhaps riding a 2000 pound animal was  not the route to go. At the time, my workaholic husband ,had a personal trainer to help him battle high blood pressure. He mentioned to me now that I was not riding, to try running. I quickly responded that people who run are' bloody nuts'. Why would anyone want to pound the pavement. But as this appeared to be somewhat of a challenge...I pursued. I gave myself three weeks. At the end of the three weeks, if I did not like running I would head back to the barn and start riding again. Well within one week I was hooked and have never looked back. I started running casually three times a week and shortly after was running five to six times per week. I did this and shed a few pounds. For the first time in my life I could actually see muscles. I was now a runner...go figure!

Well I kept running...kinda like Forest Gump I guess, until low and behold I was hit with plantar faciaitis(Aug 08). I thought I could rehab on my own but went crazy not running. I spoke with some people who said they went to this place called Innovative Fitness. Hmm, I became interested. So I made an appointment with Kevin at IF White Rock and BAM! I was committed to four days of training to get back into running injury free. Well that was last August 08 and now Jan 09 I have successfully returned to running injury free. I even have run a 10k trail run on the North Shore, 10k Run for Hope in Maui, 8k Resolution Run and am gearing up for my first 1/2 Marathon.  Which in it self is amazing for me as I am absolutely petrified of running in crowds. When I begin these races I honestly feel like 'upchucking' but some how some way I am encouraged by those who  are running next me, if they can do this, so can I!  I would rather say I did the run, pushed myself than say I didn't.  So who knows what is up for me past this 1/2 marathon. I know for sure though, that I do like the motto 'D' for done!!


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