Thursday, January 01, 2009

Re-invention vs Resolution

Happy New Year swimupstreamers! Here's hoping you had a great Christmas, and spent last night with people you love and cherish.

Speaking of last night - 2 questions for you...

1) What is your new year's resolution?
2) How often do you hit your new year's resolutions 100%

New year's resolutions often fall flat because people are in a 'review & renew' mindset to close out one year and begin the next, and they feel as though they are in for a 'rebirth' of sorts. The new year will bring change and with it all of my old habits will fade away and I'll finally be able to make progress... or not. By Jan 10th- most people find themselves in the same skin, doing the same things as they did last year.

The term 're-invention' gets tossed around a lot, but this is really a time of year that people should be considering what it means to them. If you want new results (ie new year's resolution) then the new year must be met with new strategies, approaches, or even new ways of thinking and executing your plans. Hence- re-inventing how you go about your day/week/month/year/life.

Personally I advocate not making any new year's resolutions. Last year I made zero resolutions on Dec 31st, but on Dec 15th I had my 2008 goals set- and looking back, have knocked 14 goals off of my 'goals before I die' list last year. This year- the re-invented approach revolves around looking at the goals I did not achieve, and identifying strategies to get closer to 100% achievement for all the goals I/we (family/ work/ etc) set.

Perhaps this is the year you re-invent the way you set goals. Instead of thinking "If only I could..." or "I really hope we..." thinking "here's how we'll ensure we...". By changing the fundamental approach to setting goals and knocking them off- we move past trying to lose 15 pounds again this year and we move our life and those around us forward.

The new year will not bring sweeping change by itself - but you can usher in that change any day of the year and today is about as good a day as any to start.

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