Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You just never know...

Here’s a little story on how things can fall in to place when you least expect it! It can be at the grocery store, at the bank or like this story, at the bar. This is the story of how Lorraine Frier started at Innovative Fitness and decided to turn her life around…

 Exercise has always been a part of my life.  In 2006, after over 7 years with the same personal trainer, we parted ways.  I was also going through a difficult time as I lost my husband in 2004, then my mother in 2006.  Personally, I lost my confidence, self worth & myself in the grief.  I was in this dark place for 13 months, until one evening in April 2007, I was at the Cactus Club with a girlfriend waiting for a table in the Dining Room.  The manager came over & said that the 2 guys that had just come in wanted our table as it had the perfect view for the hockey game on TV.  Well since we had extra chairs and they were good looking young guys, we called them over to join us.  As the conversation continued, we discussed how the area had grown with businesses, etc..  Matt, the one fellow, said that his brother had opened a Personal Training gym (not realizing how desperate I was for one).  I quickly asked which one (as I had checked out a few and was not interested at all) he informed me that it was Innovative Fitness. In fact, I shopped at Choices on many occasions and had looked over at IF. One day I even walked by the front door, read the sign but didn’t have the courage to walk in.  There was no way in hell that I was going to humiliate myself in front of all those people. 

Then, I asked what the brother’s name was, well he said Curtis Christopherson.

I now had this lead and was definitely going to follow up on it.  A few days later, I got my courage up & walked into IF.  The minute I saw Curtis, I called him over. He was surprised & wondered how I knew his name.  I didn’t know he was a twin until I saw him. Isabelle & a few others came by, said Hi, the music was blaring, I knew instantly that this place was for me.

The following week I had arranged my consultation with Curtis.  I was so impressed what a unique, mature individual he was for his age.   Curtis & Isabelle made me feel so WELCOME & believed in me more then I believed in myself.  I started training the following day.  Since I was in such a negative place mentally about myself, they had me doing a number of extra push-ups for that negativity.  I realized quickly that I had better start changing my attitude to a more positive one.

Well, I have been at IF for over 1 ½ yrs. & have never looked back.  It has changed me immensely in the way I feel mentally about myself.  The physical is an ongoing process. My friends have made comments on how much happier I am.

I have found a great group of individuals who truly CARE.

I will always be grateful for meeting Matt Christopherson that evening.

Lorraine Frier.

So, Lorraine is now one of the most well known customers in White Rock and has changed the life of many individuals around her including myself. Every day she gives a chance to everyone she comes across, whether she is warming up on the bike or sitting in the Cactus Club…. Just like Lorraine, be open the next time you meet someone new…because you just never know!

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