Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 months to live.

Today, I wanted to share a personal story. I hope you have the time to read it and think about how much you enjoy your life right now.

Last Saturday as I was having one of my many skype conversations with my dad, the news of the day was that my 38 year old cousin was diagnose with intestinal cancer. The family, of course is devesteted. She has been healthy all of her life and this came out of the blue. After every test possible and looking at every options, the doctor announced to her that there is unfortunatly nothing they can do. They are giving her 4-5months to live. Of course she fell off of her chair just like everyone that has to go trhough this terrible news.

I wanted to take the time to call her but this was going to be the first conversation I ever had with someone who is dying. In a way we are all dying but she knows it is coming very soon. I was very nervous about the conversation but as we started to talk, I knew she just wanted to have someone she can talk to. She started to explain to me how she felt. She said, "Isabelle, I grew up in our small town, stayed in my parents house untill I had enough money to buy a house. I did not want to move very far so my house was on the same street that I grew up on. There is nothing wrong with that as I was able to be close to my parents and all my friends I grew up with. But here is what I have to wake up to every single day until I die - I wish I had."

She went on talking about how she has never seen the ocean because she thought "oh I'll drive down there one day.... She has never been on top of a mountain celabrating with friends because she didn't want to take a chance on flying there or hiking it might be too hard, she has never ran a marathon because she didn't think she could do it and the list went on and on. I let her talk and I could tell this was almost more painful than the cancer itself. She is now too sick to travel and will never have the chance to feel the pain and joy at the end of a marathon or hug her friends on top of a mountain. She kept repeating in the conversation "I can't tell you enough to go and do what you love to do, just go and do it Isabelle."

I will end this blog on the last sentence she told me on the phone and I hope it makes you go get what you want in your life,

"Don't wait until they give you your expiry date, because I just got mine and I waited too long."

Thanks to my cousin Raymonde for letting me share her story.


janelle said...

I may be your only comment. did she pass away ? :( I really would like to know.

janelle said...

I may be your only comment. did she pass away ? :( I really would like to know.