Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you have the Strength?

Sunday, February 22, 2009- People went running an 8km run in Aldergrove Park as part of a trail running series. It has been wonderful seeing everyone coming out, enjoying the friendly competition and watching some new friendship grow. Here's how the day went for Tami Mackenzie.

The Aldergrove 8 kilometre trail run. I thought “No problem”, I just ran a 10 kilometre on the road last week... the body had a different idea. Got out of bed, and to be honest, if it were not for the fact I was getting points for a contest I was in, I would have got right back into bed. So many excuses, it is raining, I do not have milk for my cerial, my legs hurt from a hike I took the day before. I pushed all these aside, and headed for the run.

Once at the run, I picked up energy from all the people around. There truely are some great people that come to these runs. Each one you do, you get to know a little bit more about the freaks that get up at 6:30 am to come out and run in the rain. You get your number, put it on, and this helps get into the zone. You feel as though you are now one of them.

The run begins, and it is not so bad, except for the fact I forgot my ipod. And yes, it is too late to turn around. No big deal it is good to be at peace with yourself on the trail. The first kilometre goes by, and I have to dig deep to try and not find a short cut to take. The next 3 kilometres go by with a different body part hurting each step. The shoulders and neck begin to hurt, the side begins to pinch with each breath, then the mental conversation begins. I tell myself, “come on what are you going to do quite, quiting is not an option (how embarrassing would that be), this is less than one hour out of my life”. I go back to last weekend and think of how fantastic i felt after my 10 kilometre run. Then the hills kick in, I swear at the hike I took the day before! I then play a game with myself, and say, ok, if you run up this big hill, I can walk up the next. The next hill comes and I push through this one as well, telling myself, I did not die on the last one, I can do this one. By the time I realize it, I have 1 mile to go according to the awesome volunteer directing me to what direction to go in. The lovely volunteer gave it to me in miles instead of kilometres because I think she saw on my face I could not take it if she told me 1.6 kilometres.

I dig deep, I begin to push harder, hearing the voice of my good friend whom I usually work out with, telling me I can do it, hearing her voice as if she is right beside me. Thinking about someone, somewhere who is pushing through to finish a marathon is a good way to think, if they can do it, I can do this! I find the strength to pass those 5 people I told myself 2 kilometres back I would pass. Then I hear people encouraging others off in the distance, as they approach the finish line. This gives me even more strength to finish strong. I get on a out of body experience, it is as though someone has lifted me up, and is carrying me across the finish line, the speed I have found is euphoric, the cheers come at me, my arms go up, and I am across the finish line...I think to myself, that was not so bad, I could have run another 5 kilometres after all!!

When you think you can not do something, you will not do it. But if you push yourself, dig deep, and find that spot to give you the extra push, the reward in the end feels so complete. Most people have that spot to find the strength to go to, but if you do not, go and create it, you will never lose it, it is yours to build on, it is yours to always go to.

Thanks for sharing Tami,

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