Monday, February 23, 2009

Financial Abundance

There are those who think negative, there are those who think positive and there are those that think abundance! Abundance thinking or prosperity consciousness is a mind-set that believes in a universal power that bestows upon us the positive things we wish to have in our lives. Sometime between being a child to the time we become an adult many of us loose this way of thinking and become programmed by an environment that perpetuates negative thinking. We are told things such as ‘you cannot do it’ or ‘it is too hard so don’t attempt.’ It is time for us to think different of our place in this universe by changing our attitude to one that believes we can and will have it all.

Money for example is something that most people would like to have more of. On the other hand there are those that are afraid of money and strongly believe that having more is wrong or evil. Money is not the villain but greed and self-indulgence are. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of money and why not have more? Think of the great things that you could do for the world with more of it. Still many of us fail to think of it in its abundance whether due to fear or poor thinking and we pass on opportunities to make money and ignore signs of wealth that come our way. Opportunities usually disguise themselves as work and get overlooked by many when clearly they are signs that must be regarded. When we think abundance, opportunities will be granted to us. If more money is your wish, the next time a chance comes your way do not dismiss it and think long term as it being a possible prospect to increase your earnings.

Other signs exist that demonstrate prosperity coming our way. When it comes to a penny - the smallest unit of a dollar we see it as a worthless piece of metal smug in its reddish-brown color. The same people who wish to have more money are the same ones who do not bother picking up a coin less than a quarter. It is so often seen that people will walk by money on the ground or worse, throw it away if it is too small. Even the smallest units of currency must be respected, for how can we appreciate the big if we can’t appreciate the small? Furthermore, we must adjust our mentality from one of being unfortunate to one picturing ourselves living in unlimited ways. Dr. Wayne Dyer said:
“Be open to the guidance that intention provides when we are in a state of rapport with it and then be in ecstatic gratitude and awe for the whole process as it unfolds before us.”

Abundance thinking is a state of mind that will bring us opportunities and ultimately what we wish for. Be thankful for opportunity and take advantage of it when it knocks on your door for many out there do not have the chance. More opportunity will come your way when you ask it to and the next time you see a coin as small as a penny on the street, stop, pick it up, put it into your pocket and say aloud “Thank you, God for this symbol of abundance that keeps flowing into my life”. Do not allow yourself to think differently by asking a negative question like “why only a penny, God? You know I need more than that.” Keep the flow of abundant thinking open and unblocked by expressing the gratitude for the smallest things like a penny that comes into your life. The smallest units do add up and opportunities are out there when you look for them so think abundance and see them as signs that you are living a prosperous life.

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