Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Habits add up.

It never ceases to amaze me how often people attend a seminar by Tony Robbins, or anyone else famous or successful, and the same scenario plays out.

(hand wavering, outstretched among the crowd to get the speaker's attention)
"Tony, excuse me Tony..." "What is your secret to success?", followed by an answer they've probably already heard but that didn't blow their mind followed by an "oh... thanks." response.

What a lot of people like this don't get is that success/winning/money/championships are sexy... but what it takes to get there often is not.

Hard work is not sexy but it can be it's own reward... and people that win in life don't wear a different color of jeans... they just do things better than those who don't win consistently.

Put another way, winning is a habit. Winning is the summation of many habits in fact...

- making your lunch or breakfast the night before
- brewing coffee at home instead of stopping at Starbucks or Tim Hortons
- going to bed on time every night
- waking up at the same time or close to it rather than a radically different weekend schedule
- planning your week in advance (ie wednesday or thursday of the previous week)
- planning every night minor adjustments or revisions for the next day
- planning the major events and goals of your year in advance
- planning family time and social time and not just work to achieve balance
- having goals in all areas of your life including the most important people in your life with those goals
- exercising
- eating right
- brushing your teeth
- watching your spending
- budgeting
- investing
- reading new books and taking new courses
- having a place for everything at work and at home
- effective communication strategies with your spouse
- scheduling/ to do list/ daily items systems even as minute as a grocery list
- not shopping on an empty stomach
- planning your errands in advance with strategy instead of having to go to the mall twice in the same day

these are just a few habits that, when learned, applied, and practiced consistently over the long term, add up to success. A healthy, wealthy, fit, active person who is on the ball, has less stress, and can achieve more in 8 hours than many people can in 12.

There are those people who seem to 'have it all', and for a lot of them- I bet they planned it that way and made it happen.

so can you. Make 'kicking ass' at life a habit of yours.

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