Tuesday, February 03, 2009


is the perfect example that ordinary people CAN in fact, achieve the EXTRAordinary.

 The goal was simple. Get as many people as safely to the summit of one of the worlds 7 summits; Mt. Kilimanjaro. We would start our journey with over 17 hours of flying (almost 32 hours including layovers). This set the tempo for what was to come pole pole! [slow slow]

January 17th. We arrived in Moshi. This was the end of the travel and the beginning of the journey. As our transport weaved through the small village we sat back in amazement at what we were seeing. The poverty, the living conditions and the happiness all in one great big melding pot. We would check into our rooms and quickly check into the pool & shower to cool off and get clean. After a brief pre hike meeting with Salomon (Baboo), we would set the criterion for how the hike would go down.

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