Monday, February 16, 2009


I consider myself lucky to have 2 amazing sisters. Today’s entry is not specifically about them, but more about realizing our ties in this world and being aware of those you influence the most along the way.. sometimes those you least expect, yet should be the most obvious.

Over the past 6 months I’ve really begun to grasp this concept. A sister yes, always – but a role model and someone that others look up too; and have been for quite some time – this is a new concept. Helping and influencing others is a great and rewarding feeling in general. When you see someone making positive changes in their life and becoming a better person because of your indirect or direct influence. If you haven’t had the opportunity to do this I suggest going out and finding someone you can inspire to be better.. you’ll be amazed at what comes back to you.

But it’s a rewarding feeling on a completely different level when you influence or help someone change who is that much more connected to you – someone who has had the same frustrations and issues as you. Someone you’ve at times hated, loved, shared your deepest secrets with, etc. We can actively go out to try and help and change others, but then to realize this has been happening all along is a very powerful awareness. Watching the two of them become adults over the past several years and moving beyond the thing s holding them back has been incredible. Now learning that I had a role in that is even more incredible. I’m not sure what it’s like to be a parent, but I’m sure if I were to multiply this by ten thousand and taken to the power of infinity I would have only a slight comprehension. Hearing my sister say to me ‘I’ve always looked up to you’ has defiantly been a defining moment for me – one I hope that many people get to experience.

And how do you get to experience that with those closest to you? Well first realizing your ties and how you have the ability to influence at every opportunity. I urge everyone to take a look at those in their life that are close to them, and realize how closely they are watching. We are not just sister, parents, brothers, friends, etc. We are role models to everyone in our lives – with the potential to change and direct every single person we come across in a positive way. I’m sure there are numerous people you can think of who selflessly put efforts towards helping you achieve your goals. Now it’s time to do it in return to others. Think, if the whole world acted like this, how much better off we would be? Don’t just aimlessly go through your day and conversations with others – inspire and influence at every opportunity; get as many as you can heading in the same direction as you. I assure you that it’s challenging, but it’s also very rewarding when the realization comes back that you’ve made a difference.
Here’s to being a role model – all the time; you never know who’s watching... often those you least expect to influence.

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