Friday, February 06, 2009


It is a privilege to fill in for Scott Boyle who yesterday welcomed his first child into the world. Congratulations Scott and best to both you and your wife.

Fittingly today’s post is about winners. Have you ever migrated towards a person who you just thought ‘wow they really have their ‘stuff’ together?’. I have. In fact this year I made a pledge to only surround myself with those type of people.

Understand, this isn’t a delineation between winners and losers. There are no losers on the other side of the conversation. The focus is on surrounding ourselves with winners.

So what makes a winner (by my definition).

1. attitude. winners aren’t archiving or perpetuating drama, victim mentality or problems. They are diligently working towards can do… glass half full & solutions.

2. commitment. when a winner says they will do something. you don’t have to follow up with them. it’s done. winners get ‘$@#^’ done.

3. confidence. winners aren’t worried about what others think, if they did well, did they sound harsh, do they look good etc. winners can stand in a crowded room and not have to make small talk or feel awkward.

4. flow. winners are moving in almost the exact opposite as the mainstream crowd. that’s why they stand out. they have the ability to make their own decisions and not rely on social norms.

5. true to themselves. winners aren’t spending time trying to be everything to everyone. instead, they are being true to themselves, which has a much more positive impact on those around them.

6. busy. winners are busy. sound silly, but winning is leadership and true leaders never stop leading. it’s not a light switch, it’s a habit.

Again, this isn’t a commentary on whether you are a winner or not, this is a testament to how much more fulfilling your life can & will be if you include / surround yourself with & by people who have some of the traits mentioned above.

One key to success is surrounding yourself with people who take you where you want to go!

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