Tuesday, February 17, 2009

you're right!

We come across challenges in our lives everyday. It can be going for a run and you don't feel like it or you're scared of meeting new people and not sure if you should go for it. Whatever the challenge is, it's your choice to say I can take this on or I can't. As you will read below, Steve Stew said to himself I CAN make the best out of this opportunity.


Well it’s been just under a year since I tore a leg muscle last year during my first ever trail run. I had some shin splints left over from the Sun Run but instead of taking it easy on the 8k race I pushed myself further than I should have. Spending a couple weeks on crutches & weeks in physio after the race it would take me several months & +35 lbs later before I would have fate land me in the lap of Curtis Christopherson & his awesome staff @ IF.  I had been on my new red wine & pasta diet when I met Curtis & had ballooned up to 235lbs on my 5’ 8” frame. Curtis gave me his card & we exchanged emails. At that moment I could of said I can't do this there's no way I will be able to get back at it. But I decided to believe in myself and the rest is history. I went in and met Curtis a few days later & had my evaluation, as soon as I walked in I knew this was the place I could get back on track. We set some goals & got to work. The goals I had set where pretty hefty but that’s my type “A” personality all or nothing. So I set my target of 184 lbs by April 28th, 2009. The trainers Megan, Kevin & Isabelle set out a kick ass plan for me, which included 2 full body workouts at IF a week,  2 spin classes & 1 circuit class per week. Well even at 51 years old the results have been amazing as I’ve lost an astonashing 24.6 lbs during the month of January & am already ½ way to my goal weight.


IF also added a nutritional challenge for the month of February which is being overseen by Nadine & includes points for food logs, trail runs  & weight loss percentage ,another great challenge that wanted to take on. My wife & I just completed our 1st  5k trail run with the IF gang as part of the Nutritional Challenge & have signed up for 2 more for the month of February. Even though we where both a little nervous going into our 1st trail run since last year the training we have received @ IF had us both feeling inspired & motivated. 

With the support of the IF Team and all the great people  we have met at IF the run was our 1st IF event with many more planned. I am a true believer in fate & meeting Curtis that night & all his amazing staff have changed my life and have got me back on the road to fitness & balance. I said to myself I can! And so now I am doing!

Thanks for sharing your story Steve, at the end of the day it doesn't matter if you have the best support in the world, so... "wether you think you can or think you can't... you're right." 

thanks again Steve 

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